60 min full body workout that builds strength and endurance with powerful punching and kicking sequences. 


GRITT is a boutique fitness studio. GRITT stands for greatness, resilience, integrity, toughness, and tenacity. Gritt is proof of how a human being can go through a lot of pain and tragedy and create something good that serves others to be better. We restlessly seek to acquire greatness in everything we venture out to and are very passionate about high-performance living. We lead by example and are huge on practicing what we preach, so BE ABOUT IT. – investing time in our health and fitness. We believe that everyone has untapped potential within them, and it takes a unorthodox and unruly approach to unleash it. PUSH THE MIND, AND THE BODY WILL FOLLOW.

GRITT isn’t just another fitness studio or company; we’re a community vested in each other’s success and happiness. We cheer every single one of your successes; when failure comes, we are there to help you find the fortitude to push forward. We value humility and a team approach at every level. We are looking for passionate, high performing individuals who are passionate about serving, inspiring, and creating change in others. If you are that human being we are excited to discuss career opportunities with you.

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