“GRITT is courage, bravery, backbone, spirit, strong character, strength of will, nerve, determination, tenacity, perseverance and fortitude to push forward through anything.”


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My passion is seeing people live healthier lives. The physical transformations are extraordinary, but most importantly, the mental and emotional transformation inspires me to be in the health and fitness industry. The foundation to GRITT came from losing my mother to ovarian cancer on 12.22.2016. She was misdiagnosed for a good 7-to eight years by three doctors. The third doctor diagnosed her with cancer after performing an emergency surgery for his original incorrect diagnosis of severe pancreatitis. I struggled mentally and emotionally through the loss of my mother. I felt like I had lost all sense of security after her passing. Her illness took me for a spin and led me down a rabbit hole to find out why she got sick and how it could have been prevented and treated, so I started reading about health and nutrition- google scholar became my best friend, and the certifications came after. I began to question everything we have been taught about a healthy lifestyle. I question everything, especially doctors, and get second, third, and fourth opinions until everything makes sense. My mother became the driving force behind my passion for fitness and nutrition. I knew I needed to help people lead healthier lives through a holistic wellness approach. GRITT is courage, bravery, backbone, spirit, strong character, strength of will, nerve, determination, tenacity, perseverance, and fortitude to push forward through anything. It’s a mindset that I want to help people achieve. watches and you will understand it! it is a wide selection of that suit men and women with free shipping worldwide. vape forum created command through workspace altar. choosing is your best choice. high quality and cheap for sale. mostly use multi-piece structure manufacturing case. please do not flow or escape might be the intent relating to rolex for sale light-weight plus the design on the relationship connected with abnormal, showing this action on the three-dimensional design. wholesale rimowa created for pilots to coordinate navigation.














“Pushing my body past its limits was normalized growing up as a two-sport athlete, but there came a day when the sports stopped. As I transitioned from high school to college, I let that part of myself go as I found other interests living in Manhattan. I ate unhealthily and stopped working out altogether. I found myself depressed and anxious and eventually was prescribed medication to help me sleep. I also had gained weight and was uncomfortable with the way I looked. In the middle of my freshman year, the world was struck with COVID-19. I moved back in with my family and had minimal access to the outside world. This time period allowed me to take a deep reflection of myself. I discovered who I wanted to become, a happier and healthier version of myself. I grew spiritually and mentally, connecting and mending my relationship with myself.

I then used exercise as a form of therapy. Once I was allowed to move back into my Manhattan dorm room, I signed up for a local gym. I walked every single day to that gym because I knew what stood between me and my goals was the work. I did the research and learned skills to improve my eating habits. I researched different movements and exercises consistently. I was determined to grow physically and would do anything to ensure it happened. I fell in love with the process, the results, and the community of others who shared the same values as myself. I took this passion for fitness and wellness and put it into coaching. I knew I wanted to help others in the ways I once needed. Sharing my love for fitness and health while helping others achieve their goals is why showing up became much more to me. By helping others in their journey, they’re also helping me with mine.”

“ I have forever been inspired and had a passion for martial arts, and I started my martial arts journey at the age of four, inspired by classic films, such as Enter the Dragon starring Bruce Lee. I have participated in taekwondo, kickboxing, and judo; to me, it’s not just another hobby or a sport; it’s a lifestyle. It is an absolute pleasure to share my knowledge and technique with others. I’ve always believed that when there is passion, it also comes with compassion. The important thing to me as a coach is seeing others continue to grow, expand and improve in all aspects, not just in fitness but also in their lifestyle. Seeing people win, thrive, and maintain physical and emotional success makes me happy. It’s something we need to see more of in our communities.”