60 min full body workout that builds strength and endurance with powerful punching and kicking sequences. 



My passion is seeing people live healthier lives. The physical transformations are amazing but most importantly the mental and emotional transformation is what inspires me to be in the health and fitness industry. The foundation to GRITT came from losing my mother to ovarian cancer on 12.22.2016. She was misdiagnosed for a good 7-to 8 years by a total of three doctors and the third doctor diagnosed her as having cancer after performing an emergency surgery for his original incorrect diagnosis of severe pancreatitis. I struggled mentally and emotionally through the loss of my mother. I felt like I had lost all sense of security after her passing. Her illness took me for a spin and led me down a rabbit hole to find out why she got sick and how it could have been prevented and treated, so I started reading about health and nutrition- google scholar became my best friend and the certifications came after. I began to question everything we have been taught about a healthy lifestyle. I question everything, especially doctors, and get second, third, and fourth opinions until everything makes sense. My mother became the driving force behind my passion for fitness and nutrition. I knew I needed to help people lead healthier lives through a holistic wellness approach. GRITT is the courage, bravery, backbone, spirit, strong character, the strength of will, nerve, determination, tenacity, perseverance, and fortitude to push forward through anything in life. It’s a mindset that I want to help people achieve.